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Offer: so you can get 3 months of PlayStation Plus at half price | LevelUp

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PlayStation Plus, Sony’s subscription service, may not be a perfect service. However, by opening the door to online multiplayer and giving you free games every month, it’s an important part of the PlayStation experience.

It is for the above that it is very likely that you are interested in having PlayStation Plus, but that you want to do it without having to spend more, right? That is why we are happy to tell you that there is a promotion that allows you to have 3 months of PlayStation Plus at half price.

What happens is that in the PlayStation Store they are offering the subscription of 3 months of PlayStation Plus at half price. Thanks to this you have the opportunity to get a quarter of the service in exchange for $8.49 USD instead of the $16.99 USD that it normally costs.

We remind you that the PlayStation store charges in dollars and that in countries like Mexico its prices do not include taxes. Thus, you will have to pay approximately $203 MXN for the 3-month subscription to PlayStation Plus. Of course, keep in mind that normally this subscription would cost you $406 MXN, so it’s not bad at all.

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PS Plus half price promotion has certain conditions

It is important to note that this promotion will only be available for a limited time. If you are interested, you should know that it will end on February 13, so we recommend you take advantage of it as soon as possible.

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Another point to keep in mind is that it only applies to new accounts or those without an active subscription. So if you still have months of PlayStation Plus left, you’re out of luck, as the promotion won’t apply to you. In addition, it is also not possible to accumulate months, so forget about accumulating years of PlayStation Plus waiting to take advantage of an offer for the alleged Sony service that will compete with Xbox Game Pass.

And you, will you take advantage of the promotion to contract PlayStation Plus? What do you think about this service? Tell us in the comments.

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