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Nathan Drake and Uncharted content in Fortnite? Track would anticipate collaboration | LevelUp

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It is clear that in almost 5 years, Fortnite It has become a great popular phenomenon, which has allowed it to expand through collaborations with dozens of the most important franchises worldwide. The success of Epic Games does not stop and it seems that their next great collaboration will be with a flagship PlayStation IP.

As you could see in the title, we are talking about Uncharted, the adventure and exploration series created by Naughty Dog. We know this thanks to dataminer HYPEX, who shared interesting findings on Twitter that seem to be related to Uncharted within the Battle Royale.

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The dataminer mentioned that it is expected that next February 17 it will appear in Fortnite a challenge that will invite users to obtain a treasure using an “Uncharted Treasure Map”. Uncharted may refer to the word “uncharted” or the PlayStation franchise.

The reward that would be found inside the chest would be 4 legendary weapons, 4 Good Heals, 270 Mixed Mats, as well as a lot of ammunition and gold.

Why Fortnite would do a collaboration with Uncharted?

Perhaps this thematic event will be a bit unusual for you if you are not a follower of the series or you do not know it; however, it is not unreasonable. We say this because, as we have mentioned to you in recent months, Uncharted is going to take its first step into the world of cinemas with an original production run by PlayStation Productions and Sony Pictures Entertainment and we have no doubt that Sony and Epic Games have teamed up to promote the live-action film through the successful Battle Royale for generate interest in audiences that do not know the series.

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There are no clues, so far, of any skin or suit of characters in the series, such as Nathan Drake or Sully, but it is very possible that they will reach the Battle Royale in case the collaboration is a reality. Something interesting is to see if said content will be inspired by the appearance of the characters of the video game (original) or of the adaptation (with the face and complexion of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg).

If you are still not convinced of this possible event, you should know that, curiously, the collaboration would be released on February 17 and precisely the film debuts that day at night and the next day it will be available in all theaters. However, we recommend you take these clues as something unofficial and only a possibility, since neither PlayStation nor Epic Games have spoken about it so far. We will keep you informed.

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What do you think of this possible collaboration? Did you ever imagine seeing Nathan Drake in Fortnite?

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC and mobile devices. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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