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Fortnite: how to get the new Marshmello skins in the Battle Royale? | LevelUp

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Marshmello is an important part of the history of Fortnite, Well, the DJ gave one of the first concerts in the Battle Royale and managed to gather more than 10 million people. There is good news for his fans, as the musician will soon return to the Epic Games title.

Thanks to this, players will be able to enjoy new music and get flashy skins from the DJ. The company today revealed what it calls Melloverso, which is made up of various outfits with the iconic figure of the musician.

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Marshmello will return today to Fortnite with new skins

Epic will release the This is the Melloverse set today, which includes the Marsha and MARSHINOBI skins. The first of them is accompanied by the Mella backpack and the Fluorescent Batons pickaxe. On the other hand, MARSHINOBI will arrive with the Shock Blade pickaxe and the Maximum Wiggle emote, which includes music from the DJ.

All this content will arrive at the Battle Royale store starting at 6:00 PM, Mexico City time. Marshmello will play the title at 4:00 PM, on the Amazon Music Twitch channel, for a sneak peek at his new pack of skins and accessories.

On the other hand, players will be able to vote to choose new room music by Marshmello. Voting is now open from this link, where you can choose between 2 songs from his new album Joytime IV.

Lastly, Epic Games announced that Marshmello’s classic outfit and other DJ accessories will also return to the Battle Royale store for a limited time today. Below you can see their new skins.

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This is what MARSHINOBI looks like
This is what MARSHINOBI looks like

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