Sunday, October 2

February’s Games With Gold are already a reality • Console and Board

are already available Games With Gold de febrero. At least two of them. We are facing free games for users of the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate payment service.


From today, and until February 28, we can enjoy Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse. It is defined as an episode in which to track down a stolen painting and a murderous conspiracy.

Already from February 16 to March 15, we will do the same with Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield. In this case, we go to a futuristic environment in three dimensions that proposes to change the city forever. Hydrophobia is available now, until February 15. It is a third person survival adventure game, set in a floating city.

Band of Bugs It will be ready between February 16 and 28. It uses strategy and simulation to appeal to both beginners and experts. All games can be enjoyed on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Xbox 360 users have the last two at their disposal: Hydrophobia Y Band of Bugs.

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