Tuesday, October 4

CrossfireX on Xbox Game Pass includes only one single player mission

CrossfireX, the multiplayer tactical shooter developed by de Remedy and Smilegate, will land next February 10 for Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S. A very remarkable detail to note is that the title will be available from its launch on Xbox Game Pass, although as reported from Gaming Bolt this version will not have all the content of the full version. All versions will have multiplayer mode, although Game Pass subscribers will be able to enjoy a single chapter of their campaign.

As we have already highlighted on previous occasions, CrossfireX count with one multiplayer mode developed by Smilegate, while the campaign mode focused on the rivalry between two factions -Global Risk and Black List- is carried out by Remedy Entertainment. This campaign mode has two main operations known as Operation Catalyst y Operation Spectre and both will be available from launch. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, Game Pass subscribers will only be able to access one of the two operations (Operation Catalyst), so they must purchase the title if they want to enjoy all the content that will be available for a single game. player.

The title can already be preloaded and comes with three packages

CrossfireX is now available for preload on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and features three pre-order packs; one of the packages includes both operations of the campaign. Everything indicates that time after the release of the title More payment operations will arrive for your campaign mode as DLC, although at the moment we do not know the roadmap that those responsible have in mind.


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