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Best AT&T plans: What’s best for you?

AT&T’s best phone plans don’t come cheap, at least not if you want unlimited data, but you’ll get great value for your money. AT&T’s network performance is well regarded and it’s building faster 5G service. It routinely offers great deals on phones, whether you’re an existing customer or planning to switch service. And AT&T boasts of finding a wide collection of plans available, ranging from feature-rich unlimited data to a number of fairly affordable prepaid plans.

AT&T makes our list of the best cell phone plans, and for good reason. In addition to unlimited data, you can also find some unique features like the inclusion of HBO Max, roaming in Mexico and Canada, and security add-ons like caller ID and fraud blocking.

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You’ll also find the best AT&T phone plans among the best family cell phone plans, with significant savings for four-line plans. While not as cheap as T-Mobile or Visible, AT&T can challenge those rivals with coverage and performance. AT&T prepaid plans offer more opportunities to save money on wireless service.

Here’s a closer look at the options at AT&T and what the best AT&T phone plans are for your needs.

When you break it down, AT&T realistically offers two types of plans: unlimited or prepaid. While both are great options, these plans offer very different types of service.

If you’re looking for a family plan or just want the most features and add-ons for your money, going unlimited is the fastest way to find the best AT&T phone plans. You can choose from three versions of the AT&T unlimited plan at different costs, with more expensive options including more features

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These options can range from a basic plan that offers unlimited 5G data, talk, and text but no hotspots, premium data, or add-ons, to a plan with hotspots, unlimited premium data, an HBO Max subscription, security features, and more. much more. These unlimited plans see their best prices per line when purchased on a family plan with four lines.

If you want something more flexible, AT&T prepaid options are also available. These are mostly low-cost, low-data options, and while their features are more limited and they lack 5G, many will find their prices more adequate than unlimited data.

Unlimited data and family plans go hand in hand with AT&T. The carrier offers three different tiers, depending on how many features you’ll need and how much you’re willing to pay.

Where the family factor comes in is that the best prices per line come as you add additional lines to your plan. To get the lowest monthly price per line, you must get a four-line plan with AT&T; this applies to all three unlimited data offers.

AT&T’s Unlimited Starter, the cheapest of the three, is fairly basic in what it offers, with limits on streaming quality and no hotspot data. But you get unlimited talk, text, and data.

The other two plans, Unlimited Extra and Elite, go a step further and offer hotspot data, free streaming services, advanced mobile security, and more. In fact, AT&T increased the benefits included with Unlimited Elite last year, making it a better option than before.

While AT&T’s best value can be found in the unlimited plans above, it also offers a selection of prepaid plans. These prepaid options vary drastically in what they offer, with data caps ranging from 5GB to unlimited.

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While AT&T prepaid plans don’t have as many features as unlimited plans, they follow a similar format in terms of hotspot data, whether or not you can access HD video and more.

However, it’s worth noting that AT&T’s prepaid plans don’t offer 5G coverage, with the exception of the expensive Unlimited Plus plan.

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In our guide to the best phone carriers, AT&T ranks third behind T-Mobile and Verizon. This comes as no surprise, as AT&T has a lot going for it, primarily due to its rapidly growing 5G coverage: AT&T 5G now reaches 250 million people, and C-band 5G coverage is now available in eight cities, and its extensive network.

When we did our last network performance test, AT&T finished second in LTE download speeds. The most recent national report from Rootmetricscovering the first half of last year, ranked AT&T first for download speeds overall.

However, AT&T is in a bit of a strange place. It’s not as big a network as Verizon and it lacks its intensive coverage and it’s not as affordable as our top-ranked carrier: T-Mobile. While some of AT&T’s plans can be quite expensive, it does offer ways around this, most notably through discounts and savings on family plans for nurses, teachers, first responders, military, and more; You can also save with some schools, organizations and employers.

As we said earlier, AT&T isn’t the cheapest carrier, but it does have some of the most feature-packed plans, most notably its Unlimited Elite plan with HBO Max.

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