Friday, September 30

Alfons Godall attacks Nadal after his 21st Grand Slam: “Rafael Navidad represents the enemy state”

Alfons Godall, Vice President of F.C. Barcelona in the first stage of Joan Laporta and current Vice President of the Bara Foundation, has published a controversial tweet dedicated to Reef Nadal after winning the Spanish tennis player his twenty-first Grand Slam triumphing in the Australian Open.

“Rafael Navidad has given me anguish from the first day. I put him in the same bag as La Roja, Real Madrid, Fernando Alonso and everything that represents the enemy State (Rafael Navidad m’ha fet angnia from the first day . He tinc al mateix brought out the red one, the RM, Alonso and all the one who represented the enemy state),” Alfons Godall tweeted.

Godall calls the tennis player “Christmas” instead of Nadal. The word Nadal means Christmas in Catalan.

A few hours later, and given the reactions generated by his tweet, Alfons Godall commented: “It seems that the ‘orda’ have gotten a little pissed off. Good night everyone! tothom!).

Alfons Godall: “Fate and misfortune have led us to have to be Spanish and suffer the consequences”

In 2011 Alfons Godall compared “being Spanish” with the “tragedy of Japan”.

The former vice president of Barcelona, ​​declared an independentista, used his social networks to compare the misfortune that occurred in Japan with the earthquakes and tsunami of 2011 with the fact of being considered Spanish.

“We Catalans are citizens punished by misfortune and historical injustices,” he explains on his page.

“Fate and misfortune have led us to have to be Spanish and suffer the consequences. That is why we understand the misfortune of Japan and its people. They live in the misfortune of having to suffer earthquakes and tsunamis. The difference is that we we can solve. All the support to the people of Japan”, pointed out the former director of Joan Laporta.

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FC Barcelona congratulates Rafa Nadal after winning the Australian Open: “Congratulations Rafael Nadal!”

For its part, FC Barcelona congratulated Rafa Nadal, taking advantage of a tweet from Nike, the official sponsor of the Barça team.

“FC Barcelona joins the signs of recognition from the world of sport against the historical record of Rafa Nadal, the first male tennis player to win 21 Grand Slams. Congratulations Rafael Nadal,” tweeted from the official Bara account almost a day after the Nadal’s victory at the Australian Open

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