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“Why does misfortune haunt me?” BLUE BOX YouTube channel hacked | LevelUp

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It seems that in the project Abandoned everything that can go wrong is going wrong because after so much time involved in the controversy, the development team has suffered a new setback and that is that their YouTube account was hacked and used to deceive players with a supposed presale.

Abandoned and his bad luck

Through a post on their Twitter account, BLUE BOX Game Studios informed their followers that their official YouTube account was hacked and they have lost control of it. According to the details provided by the study, they realized what happened when they received emails from some followers who sought to confirm whether the alleged pre-sale of Abandoned was about to be carried out and it is that the hackers in turn sent emails on behalf of the studio notifying that important news about the controversial horror game would soon be forthcoming.

The BLUE BOX game has been linked to Hideo Kojima

Definitely, and that in case it really is an independent project, luck has not played on the side of AbandonedIn fact, a few weeks ago, Hasan Kahraman, director of the project, called for a halt to the toxicity that exists against the study.

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Abandoned concentrated the attention of the industry, the media, and the community during the run-up to its announcement, as there were details that suggested a new installment of Silent Hill and that perhaps it was a trick by Hideo Kojima to surprisingly reveal the project that emerged from the ashes of Silent Hills, canceled by Konami.

Unfortunately, things have not gone well at BLUE BOX Game Studios and instead of the hype being dispersed with the consequent oblivion, it has turned into hate and the development team of Abandoned seems to resent it.

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