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Warframe announces its new expansion, which will be available this year

Warframe, the free action RPG, will receive a new expansion after the new war throughout the next few months. During the Devstream broadcast, the Digital Extremes team confirmed that they are working on the next content that be called Angels of the Zariman and arrive “soon”, although no specific deadline was set.

With Angels of the Zariman update 31.5 will bring new missions and “at least two” new modes. From history we know that Zariman will have a prominent role, but little else. Before this expansion we will see 31.1 Echoes of War than allow to repeat the new war and re-experience your story missions.

“They were called Tenno. Warriors of gun and sword, Masters of armor Warframe. Those who survived the ancient war were left to wander the ruins of the past. Now they are needed once again,” say their creators of this game that debut in 2013.

the new war

the expansion the new war It was released on December 15. “Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, you will need all the tools to overcome this terrible new threat,” Digital Extremes commented on this content that is hethe greater the kinematic expansion of Warframe till the date.

“Fight at the forefront of battle in every corner of the Origin System in a thrilling story of exploration and discovery. Unite opposing forces and test your courage against the concentrated force of the Sentients, a legion of adaptable, self-replicating, and capable drones. cause unspeakable destruction. You must stop them, Tenno, and deal with the Lotus, or all you have fought for will be gone.” Contributed several new playable characters, a new warframe, a cinematic adventure and a beefed-up arsenal with new customizations, weapons, and accessories.

Warframe expanded

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