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The Bugatti of Chanel and Bad Bunny, Anuel, El Alfa, Cristiano, Georgina, Benzema…




Chanel Terrero will represent Spain at Eurovision after winning the Benidorm Festival 2022 with his song ‘SloMo’ Latin and urban rhythm. But despite the powerful staging of their performance, the spectacular choreography of the musical number and the sultry Chanel hip moves, what is most talked about two days after his television triumph is the lyrics of the song, which includes 187 words in english and a reference to a car brand (Bugatti), two aspects that contravene the rules of the contest.

Bugatti in urban music and Latin trap

“The mommy / the queen arrived, the tough one, a Bugatti”. This is how Chanel’s song begins, as if her very name weren’t already a reference to a famous perfume brand. Advertise a car brand, and more specifically Bugatti, in a song by reggaeton The trap latino It’s more common than it seems. In fact, for a few years it has become a symbol of this musical genre taking over from other well-known supercar brands such as Ferrari Y Lamborghini.

Bad Bunny, Anuel and El Alfa have a Bugatti

Before Chanel, other great stars of Latin music such as Bad Bunny, Annual AA and the Dominican the alpha were inspired by Bugatti to write The lyrics of their songs. References to the French car brand appear in several of its most famous songs and music videos. Bugatti has become the ideal of luxury and sportiness for all of them to the point that they have not been slow to realize the whim of buying one of these jewels on wheels.

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Bugatti on social media

Bad Bunny was the first ‘king of Latin trap’ who bought a Bugatti, specifically a Chiron Sport ‘110 Years Bugatti’ white color valued at more than three million dollars. The Puerto Rican himself confessed that he had bought it on a whim because no one would lend him one to participate in the delivery of the Latin Grammy Awards 2020 driving a Bugatti through the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in Puerto Rico. Now he boasts of the French supercar on his social networks and has even used it to appear on the American wrestling television show (WWE).

The dream of the stars of urban music

Three months after Bad Bunny announced on social networks that he had bought a Bugatti, his compatriot Anuel AA the contest with a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse also white. For Anuel, the other great star of Puerto Rican urban music, it was a dream for years and already in 2016 he promised to buy a Bugatti through the lyrics of one of his songs, ‘Liberace’. He even set a date to make his dream come true: “And if they don’t kill me in 5 years, I’m going to buy a Bugatti”.

The day that El Alfa left me in a Bugatti

The last, and the most notorious, was El Alfa, which generated a enormous controversy in social networks when photographed with a Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans like Bad Bunny’s (but red) that he had not yet bought. A month later he showed his Bugatti again, already owned, and even dedicated a song to it (‘Bugatti case’) to ‘get revenge’ musically on all those who had criticized him. “In your wake you are going to wet me. And I get on the hood and piss the Bugatti. And I piss the Bugatti”Says the chorus of the song. In the video clip, El Alfa appears urinating on the red Bugatti.

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They burn a Bugatti and buy another

That was El Alfa’s first Bugatti, because less than six months after someone burned it by throwing a Molotov cocktail at it and the Dominican took a few days to replace it with another Bugatti Chiron Super Sport in black valued at four million dollars. Once again Al Alfa’s new Bugatti was the protagonist of a music video recorded in full New York’s Times Square.

Cristiano, Georgina, Benzema, Mayweather…

footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo Y Karim Benzema the boxers like Floyd Mayweather they are also Recognized Bugatti fans and they have several models of the French brand in their garages. Even Cristiano’s own partner, Georgina Rodrguez, has declared what Bugatti represents in his life since he met the Portuguese footballer. “I went from riding the bus to get to work to being picked up in a Bugatti”, confess in the Netflix documentary ‘I’m Georgina’.

Qu har Chanel si gana Eurovision?

We do not know if Chanel will follow in the footsteps of Bad Bunny, Anuel or El Alfa and he will also buy a Bugatti to show off his car on social networks. Could be a good way to celebrate his victory in Eurovision, if he wins… What is clear is that the Spanish-Cuban has already ‘succumbed’ to the charms of the French brand and sees herself as ‘a Bugatti that moves her hips to break hearts’. Something similar to what any of these impressive supercars with 8.0-litre W16 engines with 1,500 hp capable of reaching 400 km/h.


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