Monday, August 8

Team17 to Release a Worms-Inspired NFT Collection

  • What are NFTs and their implication in the video game industry
  • Despite the controversy that usually arouses, more and more video game companies announce their commitment to the NFT market: recently we have seen how Ubisoft, Konami or SEGA have launched projects related to the tokens non-expendable, and today has been Team17, publisher responsible for games like Hell Let Loose, Overcooked! or the Spanish Narita Boy Y Blasphemous, which has announced that put up for sale a collection of virtual avatars limited edition.

    Before focusing on publishing independent video games, Team17 was known for handling the saga Worms, a two-dimensional comic action franchise that premiered in 1995 for computers at the time. Precisely that brand will be the one used to sell procedurally generated avatars, some virtual objects that will be registered in the blockchain to become NFT.

    Even if They already have an official page, details have not yet been given about how the auction of these tokens non-fungible, but Team17 wanted to try to clear up one of the most common controversies when it comes to NFTs: its high energy cost. According to the company, the company they will be working with to launch this collection, Reality Gaming Group, allows you to register items on the blockchain without polluting as much as others. At the moment of truth, as reflected from Eurogamer, this company presumes that if 100,000 people buy one of these NFTs they consume the same as “what 11 households spend on heating kettles each year”.

    Members of Team17 assure that they did not know about the agreement

    The announcement of this collection was made public this morning, but after the fact several Team17 teams have assured Eurogamer that they had no knowledge of this movement, while others were aware but only after the collaboration had been signed. The company has explained in a statement that they only intend to market these avatars as NFTs, leaving aside the possibility of including this technology or a model play-to-earn in the video games it edits.

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