Tuesday, October 4

Scarlet Nexus director wants to make a sequel with a more mature story

Kenji Anabuki, director of Scarlet Nexus, reveals in a new interview granted exclusively to Inverse (it goes VGC) who would be interested in developing a sequel with a story more mature and focused on improving gameplay thanks to feedback reported by players. Interestingly, despite the fact that the title received very good ratings from the specialized press and very positive comments from the players, today Bandai Namco has not yet announced plans to develop a sequel..

“If there is a sequel, I would personally like to use the theme of superpowers in other areas besides battles. The world and story settings could potentially be created for adapt to an even more mature audience, exploring topics such as the dangers of having or using superpowers“, Explains the creative on how he could expand the themes of the first title to enrich his story. In addition, Anabuki points out that he would like to improve the cinematic scenes and polish some aspects of the gameplay for “to provide our fans with the most satisfying gaming experience”.

Anabuki appreciates the feedback and the inclusion of the title in Game Pass

The creative highlights that the combat system and the story received praise from the community, although he is aware of the requests from the players. “We did everything we could and we added various features after the game launch based on user feedback“, he comments on how they implemented improvements to the first installment thanks to the comments. “I have decided that paying more attention to industry trends and the preferences of newer users will definitely benefit the gaming experience, “he adds.

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On the other hand, Anabuki ends the interview highlighting that she was glad that the title it would be added to Xbox Game Pass a few months after its launch. “Game Pass has given Scarlet Nexus a boost in publicity and popularity. It has also contributed greatly to the visibility and sales of downloadable content.”


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