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RUMOR: Quantic Dream project that was thought to be forgotten will come to consoles | LevelUp

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The history of the video game industry accounts for the small percentage of projects that become a reality and have a final version on the market. As in any creative process, there is a lot of material that is discarded or saved and in this second case it may be that the opportunity comes later. Well, that could be the fate of a popular Quantic Dream tech demo that surprised locals and strangers back in 2013.

A tech demo that could become a full-fledged video game

During the PlayStation presentation at E3 2013, Quantic Dream surprised the attendees and the audience by presenting the tech demo The Dark Sorcerer, which was intended to show what the PS4 was capable of. This demo featured a scene and a sketch of a magician who started showing off his power until someone said “cut” and from there everything went behind the scenes because all those effects were created there. This material presented a proposal with acid humor and was the work of David Cage, creative of the French company. Well, apparently this project will become a video game according to information from a reliable source.

This adventure could be the next release of Quantic Dream

According to insider @accngt, who revealed long ago that Star Wars Eclipse, also a Quantic Dream project, is inspired by The Last of Us, The Dark Sorcerer It will rise from oblivion and become a video game, well, a graphic adventure with different forms of interaction according to the style of the French company.

According to the information, this project started from the idea of The Dark Sorcerer and its codename is Dreamland. Following the original proposal, it will be a humorous graphic adventure and is the responsibility of a special team from Quantic Dream. Likewise, it is pointed out that it has a more advanced state of development and its launch will take place on PlayStation and Xbox, in addition to being crossgen.

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