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Magical Mexico: policemen buy Xbox with stolen bank card | LevelUp

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Video game consoles have been one of the most coveted products for years, since the fact that they are not cheap at all makes them an electronic piece that can move very well in different markets. However, this has also led to the commission of related crimes and this time we have the case of a couple of police officers from Mexico who had the brilliant idea of ​​buying an Xbox, along with other electronic devices, with a stolen bank card.

Mexican police officers bought an Xbox with a stolen card

According to information from Televisa Newscasts, on January 28, 2 agents of the Investigative Police were arrested in the municipality of Tecámac, States of Mexico, accused of forgery and improper use of credit documents, this after it was discovered that they made purchases with the card of a third. According to the report, the elements Iván Gerardo “N” and Julio César “N” stole the card of a man named Fernando “N”, who was detained in an agency of the Public Ministry accused of sexual abuse.

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The purchase of this Xbox will be expensive for these 2 police elements

After the arrest, the pair of police elements stole the subject’s bank card and went to a shopping center. While this was happening, the detainee’s family did not know what had happened and they thought it was a robbery or express kidnapping, this after they began to receive notifications of various purchases made at that time.

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Knowing the location of the place where the purchases were made, the relatives alerted the local authorities, who went to the mall and discovered the police in possession of a giant screen, an Xbox and a laptop, items that coincided with the reported purchases. by the Bank.

Regardless of the legal situation of the detainee and owner of the card, the 2 elements of the Mexican police were arrested and now face charges for the improper use of a credit product.

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