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Hisui’s Voltorb arrives by surprise at Pokémon GO: How to get it and research

Pokmon GO has recently included by surprise a very special new Pokémon that we players can now start capturing for our collection. Is about Voltorb de Hisui, a Pokémon that has debuted through the premiere of the latest game in the franchise on Nintendo Switch, Leyendas Pokmon: Arceus. In addition, this Pokémon arrives with his own special investigation titled “Voltorb de la regin de Hisui !?”.

Last Friday Niantic published a new outfit inspired by Hisui’s clothes in the Pokmon GO avatar store as a celebration, however, it was during the weekend that the player community was surprised by adding Hisui’s Voltorb in the mobile game, from this Sunday January 30. The continuacin we count them all the details and how they can be obtained.

How to get Voltorb from Hisui in Pokémon GO?

Hisui’s voltorb is a new regional form of the Pokémon Voltorb, of first generation, which is precisely born from the fact that said Pokmon also resides in the regin de Hisui where the new title of Pokémon Legends is set: Arceus. Well, on the occasion of the launch of this latest game on Nintendo Switch, Niantic has decided add by surprise to Hisui’s Voltorb in Pokémon GO.

In addition to this, Niantic has also reported a special bonus which will take place only during today, monday january 31 of 2022, of 00:00 a 23:59 local time. This bonus will make all Team GO Rocket recruits only have dark voltorb on their teams.

Voltorb special investigation of the Hisui region!? – Phases, tasks and rewards

Upon closer inspection, what seemed to be a rare Pok Ball at first, was actually Hisui’s Voltorb!

With the arrival of Hisui’s Voltorb in Pokémon GO, Niantic has also included a new special investigation to the game that is available to all players who enter to play the title from the January 30, 2022. This investigation, entitled “Voltorb de la regin de Hisui !?” is composed of only two phases of tasks, then you can check all your goals and rewards:

Step 1/2

  • Captura 10 Pokmon: meeting with Voltorb.
  • Use 10 berries to help you catch Pokémon: meeting with Voltorb.
  • Give 3 golosinas to your compaero: meeting with Voltorb.

Stage Rewards: encounter Voltorb of Hisui, 3 Berry Pinia and 3 Berry Frambu.

Phase 2/2

  • Captura 20 Pokmon: meeting with Voltorb.
  • Use 20 berries to help you catch Pokémon: meeting with Voltorb.
  • Make 10 curve ball throws: meeting with Voltorb.

Stage Rewards: encounter with Voltorb of Hisui, 9 Baya Pinia and 9 Baya Frambu.

Pokmon GO, is available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details of the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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