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Draw for the Copa del Rey de Baloncesto 2022, live: Valencia Basket vs. UCAm and Joventut vs. Tenerife

Good morning and welcome to the giveaway! King’s Basketball Cup Granada 2022! A ceremony that takes place in the auditorium of the Granada Science Park and from which the four quarter-final matches of the cup tournament and the crosses that will end with the dispute of the grand finale on February 20.

Despite falling against Valencia Basket (78-80), the Lenovo Tenerife has stamped the ticket for the Copa del Rey de Granada. Thus, with the Lenovo Tenerife ticket, the list of participants for this new edition of the Copa del Rey is completed, joining Real Madrid, Barça, Valencia Basket, Joventut Badalona, ​​BAXI Manresa, UCAM Murcia and Río Breogán.


It’s time for the crosses

1:32 p.m.:Round A: Real Madrid vs Río Breogán. A game that will be played on Thursday the 16th since Madrid finished the Cup cut in first place, so they will play the first day to have more rest.

1:30 p.m. The draw continues, and we already have the second round, which will be played on Friday the 17th.

Eliminatory C: Valencia Basket vs UCAM Murcia

1:27 p.m. Manu Sánchez and José María Arrabal begin with the extraction of the balls. We already have the first round

Heat B: Badalona vs Lenovo Tenerife Youth

turn for laughs

1:22 p.m. The comedian Manu Sánchez appears on stage and pleads to request a third Cup format: “La Copa del Rey emeritus”. In addition, he will act as an innocent hand with JosĂ© MarĂ­a Arrabal.

This is how the crosses of the Endesa Mini Cup remain

1:19 p.m. Well, that’s how the two groups of the Endesa Mini Cup, which will be played between Wednesday and Friday, from which the first two qualify for the semifinals of the tournament.

Group A: Real Madrid, Joventut de Badalona, ​​Cajasiete Canarias, Catalana Occidente Manresa.

B Group: Unicaja Andalusia, Barcelona, ​​Valencia Basket and Coosur Real Betis

The draw for the Mini Cup takes center stage

1:16 p.m.Siro Lopez and Juanma Lopez Iturriaga, the hanging from the hoop, are the innocent hands that will shape the picture of the Endesa Mini Cup, the place where stars are born.

Granada, overturned with the Cup

1:14 p.m. Paco Cuenca, mayor of Granada, wanted to send a welcome message to all the fans in a tournament as iconic as this one: “You have to come with time to enjoy the city and the Cup”.

The Junta de AndalucĂ­a maintains its support for sport

1:10 p.m.: “It is a tournament in three dimensions. A declaration of values ​​that embodies what this event means with the coexistence between hobbies. We are happy to do it in a city like Granada and that helps us promote our idea of ​​Andalusia as a region involved with the sport”. These are the words of JosĂ© MarĂ­a Arrabal, Secretary General of Sports of the Board.

Antonio MartĂ­n, president of ACB

1:06 p.m.: Antonio MartĂ­n, president of the acb, takes the floor to thank the city of Granada for its support and the presence of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a in a Cup “in which people will return”, the main ingredient of this format with the eight best teams in the Endesa League.

A Cup like we’ve never seen before

1:05 p.m. The draw starts strong with a novelty, the surprising images of the draw from a drone view. Spectacular.

Start the draw!

1:04 p.m. We already have a signal from the Granada Science Park auditorium. The draw for the Copa del Rey, the great Spanish basketball tournament, is about to begin. Let’s remember that Barça defends its crown after its triumph last season.

The only track on the calendar

12:53 p.m. The Real Madrid, as the leader at the end of the first round, has ensured that they will play their quarter-final match on Thursday February 16.

The Cup is already in Granada

12:45 p.m. The presenters of the act, Lalo Alzueta and Fran Fermoso, do not understand jinxes and they do not care if they do not comply with the tradition of not touching the Copa del Rey trophy. May everything go well for you.

Mini Cup Draw

12:43 p.m. The ‘Hanging on the ring’ Juanma LĂłpez Iturriaga and Siro LĂłpez will have double work, because before giving their point of view on each of the cup rounds, they will also act as innocent hands in the draw for the Endesa Mini Cup, for the first time included in the same act. To do this, two groups of four teams will be formed, with Barça, Real Madrid (current champion and runner-up) and Joventut Badalona and Unicaja AndalucĂ­a (best teams of the Preliminary Phase held in December) as seeded, while Cajasiete Canarias, Valencia Basket, Coosur Real Betis and Catalana Occident Manresa will await their fate from the second pot.

This is how the two drums remain

12:35 p.m. Real Madrid and Barça will be seeded, as well as Valencia Basket and Joventut Badalona, ​​who have achieved this condition this Sunday, January 30. BAXI Manresa, UCAM Murcia, Río Breogán and Lenovo Tenerife will be in the second pot.

Fran Fermoso and Lalo Alzueta, presenters

12:30 p.m. The act, presented by two of the main voices of the Endesa League on Movistar+, Fran Fermoso and Lalo Alzueta, will be seasoned with the humor of the comedian Manu Sánchez, who will play the innocent hand in the draw.


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