Tuesday, October 4

Crytivo reviews its projects for this 2022 on video • Console and Dashboard

A few days before the start of the year, Crytivo It reviews everything that is to come in this 2022. Through a video of almost four minutes, the company remembers all the indies in which it works.


The summary starts with Above Snakes, immersed in a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. We are facing a combination between zombies and the Wild West, in which you manage resources and build a fictional world.

Continue with Trail Out, speed game that proposes us to destroy the entire environment. The chaos will continue on Quiet Farm, simulator with cows and aliens involved. Give way to the pixels of Kloa – Child of the Forest, a role-playing game where you face numerous dangers in a colorful world.

rat empire is a war game, which will resort to real-time strategy. Delares is another pixelated RPG, where you fight against multiple threats, and Kuylevka is a science fiction adventure, set in the Soviet era. Wanderlost follows the essence of a role-playing adventure, with its zombies. Charming, by the way.

The presentation arrives at the equator with Roots of Pacha, a life simulator set in the Stone Age, and with A New Leaf: Memories, another life simulator (this time, relaxing) that offers us to take care of a farm. In Power to the People we will learn to manage the energy of an entire city.

Is in Farlanders where we will practice with the turn-based strategy. It is defined as a base simulator, which transports us to Mars. Ends with Force of Nature II, role-playing adventure and fantasy, and with the more than expected Prehistoric Kingdom, where to open our zoo of prehistoric creatures. Realism promises to shine between dinosaurs and saber teeth.

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