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Blockchain game Cradles partners with LEVEL UP, Latin American gaming portal | LevelUp

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DRepublic, makers of Cradles: Origin of Species, the first blockchain game to use EIP3664 NFTs to enable an innovative metaverse that increases entropy, has announced a strategic partnership with Latin American gaming powerhouse LEVEL UP.

The new token, which introduces NFTs of combinable components already shown through the Dragontar Club portal, continues to generate excitement among players thanks to the many new possibilities it will allow.

LATAM: Untapped Gaming Potential

The potential of Latin America, the world’s second largest gaming market, has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, generating 3.5 billion dollars in revenue through consumer spending in 2021 on mobile gaming alone, estp according to the Report of the Global Games Market. With more than 110 million players, behind China, the United States. In the US and Europe, state investment in Latin America since the turn of the millennium has seen unparalleled growth in digital game development., based in Mexico City and boasting 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, has long believed in the power of gaming, with a strong reputation among Spanish-speaking gamers for its expertise in developing gaming plans. game launches, marketing and fundraising. It has many points in common with titles like Cradles, which emphasize community empowerment and focus on experiential gaming, while also supporting gaming innovation through unique emerging technologies such as blockchain and NFTs.

In particular, the company is delighted to support the goal of Cradles to introduce a new type of gaming metaverse that simulates real-world time and physics through the use of component-combinable NFTs. In effect, this results in objects, material, characters, and in-game items aging, changing, progressing, or decaying over time on the blockchain, evolving over time rather than remaining inert as in current games. This gaming entropy reduction experience, using the blockchain to simulate time, is the first of its kind, with implications for the games themselves that are sure to pique industry interest.

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Play-And-Win, a new approach to Play-to-Win

Cradles: Origin of Species is a new blockchain-powered virtual reality game that lets you use your VR headset for an immersive experience, choosing from a wide range of species to play as.

Set against the backdrop of a Triassic-like prehistory, players must avoid a future of extinction, building cities and learning new technologies, while also achieving higher levels of government. As the game’s civilization develops and progresses through the progression of the era, players hope to discover a solution to prevent its extinction.

NFTs can be crafted, modified, and traded, with attributes that change for better or worse. Invest time and effort, and collect the rewards with NFTs that have special attributes The CRDS token will be the only way to access Cradles, where you will be able to interact with the game to collect, build and trade this new type of NFT. The CRDS token will be offered in an upcoming IDO this quarter.

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