Wednesday, October 5

Aubameyang arrives as a free agent




Barcelona, ​​Arsenal y Aubameyang They have reached an agreement for the Gabonese footballer to be a Barça player. The attacker, finally, has broken ties with the English entity and arrives as a free agent at Camp Nou .Therefore, the Barcelona he did not have to register it before the end of the market period. The agreement was reached after a long day in which three sides were negotiated. In fact, after midnight, the footballer was still in the offices with the club’s leaders. It was at 00:35 when he left them and he saw Joan Laporta, and also to the player, raising his thumb, the clear gesture of satisfaction with the operation.

Laporta, elated after the agreement with Aubameyang

Joan Laporta in the offices in the last hours of the transfer market

The Barcelona and the player already had a prior agreement. For this reason, Aubameyang appeared in Barcelona at noon on Monday, which already gave an idea that the operation was close. However, some fringes remained to be polished with the Arsenal. In the middle of the afternoon it seemed that everything could break after England made sure that the English club was not willing to pay part of the player’s file.

Aubameyang arrived at the Bara offices at 11:29 p.m.

Aubameyang arrived at the Bara offices at 11:29 p.m.

Mateu Alemany and Jordi Cruyff negotiated in the Ciudad Deportiva the agreement with the Arsenal. It was not easy and it took his hours to convince the English. Laporta was transmitting positive feelings in the various interviews he gave at the Mundo Deportivo gala to which he was invited. First, he admitted that negotiations were continuing, denying the English media that pointed to the breakdown of the negotiations.

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Later, with the agreement practically sealed, he said that Matthew German he had told her that he believed the operation would be done. The player underwent a medical check-up late at night. Now everything is waiting for the official announcement.

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