Wednesday, September 28

American McGee’s Alice is getting a TV series from David Hayter

This morning we had the Halo trailer fresh out of the oven and now we have confirmed that David Hayter, screenwriter of the original film X-Men and also voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, is developing an American McGee’s Alice series (originally launched in 2000). The fever for adapting video games to the world of cinema and television serial fiction is increasingly on the rise and is even betting on titles that may be somewhat less known by the general public. The Cuphead Show, Halo: The Series, Resident Evil and now it’s her turn American McGee’s Alice, which has many ballots to become a star project.

The work is signed by Rogue Entertainment, with Electronic Arts as a dealer, and takes place in Alice’s Wonderland. You know, that universe of fantasy and magic where cats talk, you can change body size and there’s even a crazy queen who is obsessed with beheading those who don’t like her. It is a third-person action game that has terror as a background element, always present.

New genre series on the way

The twist that the video game applies to the original Alice in Wonderland story is that here, Alicia is a traumatized psychiatric patient for the loss of his family who faces this time a corrupt and bloody wonderland. A place that we certainly do not want to touch even with a stick.

The creator, McGee, has assured for The Hollywood Reporter that it is a pleasure to have Hayter on the project: “I am excited to work with him and that Alicia’s fans will receive him with great affection.” In addition, he also adds that “he will surely make this adventure in Wonderland a success for the franchise and the fans.”

So for now all parties seem to be happy. Now, there is no platform that has acquired the fiction for its premiere. So for now play wait. We also do not have a release date, of course.

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