Friday, September 30

WWE 2K22 premieres new gameplay trailer with more fights and showing off graphics

There was a lot of desire to be able to enjoy a new WWE video game. After two years without a wrestling title, now we can put more than face and eyes to the next numbered installment of the saga, which will be available from March 11th. Although various novelties have already been presented that we will have within our reach in this installment and even part of the game modes that we will be able to exploit, now it is time to simply show off a little muscle and show off to the public. And it’s normal considering the graphic turn that WWE has been given in the field of games.

This new trailer introduces more fighters, and fighters, that are available in the game, such as the mythical Undertaker, Edge, Stone Cold o The Rock. In addition to this, there is also a little display of the special movements that we can deploy during our stay in the ring, adding to this the usual use of chairs, tables, etc. Wow, WWE returns with everything it had corrected and increased:

The Mystery King as the protagonist

As you well know, the cover of that WWE 2K22 count on the Mystery King as protagonist, celebrating that the Mexican wrestler has been offering spectacle to the world for twenty years with his jumps, pirouettes and special keys like the 619 (the same trailer has that ‘Booyaka’ as a keyword). But, that is not left out of other important ones, who hung up their pistols in the past, like Undertaker, who has a very special place in this triler being one of the “terrifying” pillars. The 2K work will be available, as we said, from March 11 on the following platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S.

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