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top secret! Not even Luigi’s actor knows the script for the Super Mario movie | LevelUp

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One of Nintendo’s most ambitious multimedia projects is the Super Mario, which is already in production. There are still several months to go before the project is ready, but the recordings of the voices of the characters have already begun and the film is so secret that not even Luigi’s actor knows the script.

The actor who will be in charge of lending his voice to Luigi in the film, Charlie Day, was present in the most recent broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel’s comedy show, who took the opportunity to talk about the Nintendo project.

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The most interesting thing is that when he was asked if he had already seen the script, Day mentioned that he doesn’t know anything and joked about how 2 subjects have threatened him and forbid him to leak anything about the movie.

“I’ll be playing Luigi, actually, this morning I was recording it and I’d love to tell you about it, but [Nintendo] It’s super secret with these things… I don’t know anything… Mario probably knows, but they don’t tell Luigi anything,” said the also writer and comedian.

The film recordings of Super Mario they already started

Another detail that the actor revealed is that the recordings are not carried out on a par with the other actors, so in the recording studio he is not recording the lines with Anya Taylor-Joy or Chris Pratt, who will give life to the Princess Peach and Mario, respectively.

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Although this may seem strange to some, the truth is that it is normal in recording or dubbing studios. The people in charge of the film provide the voice or dubbing actors with the lines and specify the way in which they have to say them. In the end, those responsible for the production are responsible for incorporating the lines of each character in the film, so there is no need for the actors to interact in person.

At the 1:54 mark in the video below you can find the hilarious conversation between Day and Kimmel regarding the movie.

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The movie of Super Mario It does not have an official name yet and we have not seen the first trailer, but it is expected to debut in December 2022. You can find more news related to Super Mario if you visit this page.

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