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Sonic Frontiers will implement combat styles never before seen in the series | LevelUp

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There is no doubt that with Sonic Frontiers, SEGA is developing one of its most ambitious games in its history that will in a way serve as a celebration of the franchise’s 35th anniversary. Well, if you had doubts about the importance of this project, this will help you clear them up, since it has already been confirmed that the title will have combat mechanics never before seen in other games in the series.

Sonic Team creative chief Takashi Iizuka participated in an interview with GamesRadar to talk about the next blue hedgehog game. The creative states that unlike Sonic Forces, with Sonic Frontiers set out to create a “new style of action-adventure game from Sonic” which will once again expand the universe of the franchise and implement new environments and additional features that offer a “whole new type of open-zone experience”.

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Sonic Frontiers will offer a game system of open areas

Iizuka commented that with this project they are making sure to take care of every detail and that this new game system is fun while respecting what it is Sonic, which will show off its fast nature with the game’s exploration system.

Something interesting is that in the interview the creative mentioned that they will implement “new combat styles to bring Sonic’s skill to the battlefield.” Although the original game system of Sonic the Hedgehog was geared towards platforming speed, the combat systems are no stranger to the franchise and it will be interesting to see how these new combat styles will be adapted to offer exploration-oriented gameplay and open areas of play. Sonic Frontiers. Unfortunately, we will have to wait to see it, since Iizuka did not offer any more details about it.

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Sonic Frontiers It does not have a release date yet, but it will debut in late 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can find more news related to the series if you visit this page.

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