Tuesday, October 4

Sifu boasts soundtrack in a new video • Console and Board

Sifu Is falling. After moving forward two weeks, it will arrive on February 8 on PC (Epic Games Store), PS4 and PS5. So that the last days of waiting do not become too long, Sloclap shares a new video of its development. In this case, it is dedicated to the soundtrack.


The new video is five minutes long. It introduces us “behind the scenes”, this time, to show us up close the process of creating the soundtrack. There is no shortage of testimonials or sound demonstrations themselves.

The company has had the electronic music composer Howie Lee, who will have Sifu their first collaboration in a video game. It combines traditional Chinese music with contemporary electronic elements. The result is a sound that seems to be in tune with the gameplay.

We are facing an action adventure in the third person, which uses hand-to-hand combat. Our protagonist is a young kung-fu apprentice, driven by revenge, so the intensity promises to be assured. It is not for less, since he is looking for the murderers of his own family…


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