Friday, September 30

Palworld, the curious fusion between Minecraft and Pokémon, launches a new trailer

Last summer of 2021 we brought you the first Palworld trailer, a curious work that combines the best of Minecraft and the best of Pokémon, puts it in a shaker and serves a survival multiplayer (with quite attractive graphics, everything must be said) that for reasons that we cannot explain, is very attractive. As a general rule, the works that have tried to plagiarize Pokémon, especially, have not come out too well, but Palworld, maybe because it combines that frenetic shooter action with the capture of monsters, it becomes a very attractive proposal. It will be available this same 2022 on PC through Steam.

Already in 2022, a new trailer for the video game has been released Pocket Pair (Craftopia), which shows tons of action with the main character wielding an assault rifle facing a thousand and one creatures. After seeing the Pokémon shooter and currently playing Pokmon Arceus, it is even curious to see how another work has known how to show itself in more detail at the right time. That open world of Arceus offers an impressive freedom to the player, and if it is combined with what would be the usual shootouts of a thousand and one titles, we obtain a game that, of course, will give a lot to talk about.

Palworld is pure survival

One of the main characteristics, as you may well have observed, is the capture and breeding of Pals, the monsters that are equivalent to the Pokmon in Nintendo video games. We can evolve them, improve their skills, combine them, etc. We will be able to build our factories and farms to create a home, where those Countries would work to lend us a hand. And we will have to fight, of course, against other hunters who try to approach our lands.

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The second Palworld trailer also reveals the graphic quality with which Pocket Pair is working. and certainly the game has nothing to envy to others much bigger or anything like that, because for now it looks great. The gunplay, on the other hand, seems to be inspired by Fortnite: Battle Royale, because of how the character moves the rifle from side to side, because of how the camera fits on the shoulder but doesn’t stick completely, and because it’s not like recoil is one of the main elements here in the feeling of shooting.

In addition, being able to mount your beast (the Pals) equipped with more assault rifles, makes the union between Rocket Raccoon and Groot in the first Guardians of the Galaxy makes even more sense and we like it better.

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