Saturday, May 28

Humankind Celebrates the Lunar New Year • Console and Dashboard

Humankind it’s news again. After releasing the DLC cultures of africaLunar New Year celebrations arrive. It will allow the community to unlock exclusive rewards.


AmplitudeStudios and Sega don’t want to miss out on the Lunar New Year celebrations. Thus, they allow the players of Humankind unlock exclusive rewards until February 16.

The community challenge is used to obtain era stars when playing with a chinese dynasty (Zhou, Ming or modern China). With them, we will unlock extras such as profile symbols, decorations or the avatar of Wang Zhenyi, renowned astronomer, mathematician and poet, increasing the collection of avatars.

We remember that we are facing a historical strategy game for PC in which to create our own civilization. By blending cultures, we tailor the experience to our style of play. We start from a Neolithic tribe, passing through the Ancient Age, the Classical Era, the Middle Ages and the Modern Age.

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