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How to record phone calls on an iPhone

Knowing how to record phone calls on an iPhone is something that can come in handy in many situations, whether it’s saving a conversation with a loved one, or a phone interview you want to take notes on. However, while iOS 15 is packed with features, a native call recording app isn’t one of them.

Still, there are plenty of options available for recording a phone call from an iPhone, though you’ll need to choose carefully based on what you have access to and what you want to record. Here, we have a roundup of the best options.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have legal permission to record your conversation. Depending on where you live, the laws regarding recording conversations differ. In most US states, “one party” rules apply, where as long as a person involved is aware of the recording (in this case, you), then they can press the record button. However, it is polite to let your contact know first.

In 11 states (California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington), however, two-part rules apply, meaning you need the agreement of all participants to to register. In Connecticut, electronic recordings must be known to all parties, with certain exceptions.

If you are in the UK, you may make recordings for your personal use only without disclosing the fact that you are doing so to other callers. However, sharing or publishing the data without permission is not allowed, and informing the other caller(s) of what you are doing is always the best decision. If you are not located in the US or UK, you should check the law where you are located before you begin.

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How to record phone calls on an iPhone

recording applications

You may think “there is an app for that” when you notice that there is no native method to record iPhone calls. However, it is not as simple as one might expect.

One of the best options out there is rev call recorder. It is ideal for most users as it is free to use and does not limit the length of recordings. It also allows you to pay to have the call transcribed within 12 hours if you want a text copy. However, this app only works when you sign up with a US phone number, so it’s not good for you if you’re one of our readers who lives outside of the US.

(Image credit: Rev)

That said, there are plenty of other well-reviewed apps to choose from if you simply search the App Store. Just be aware that most will require some kind of in-app purchase if you want to use their full feature sets.

google voice

The easy to use google voice The service gives you a number that you can access on your iPhone and other devices, but it’s also a limited method of recording the calls you receive.

(Image credit: Google)

After setting up your account, go to Settings, then calls Y Incoming call options. Here, you can enable a toggle switch that allows you to turn recording on and off by pressing the ‘4’ key on your number pad on calls. The recording is forwarded to your email once you’re done, or can be found among your voicemails in the app.

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The main limitation here is that it only logs incoming calls, so you’ll need to ask the other caller to make the initial connection. Also, an automated voice will clearly announce when the recording starts and stops, which can be annoying.

A useful additional feature is Voice’s voicemail transcription service. If you miss a call but need to keep track of it, you can get a text version or the audio version without any hassle.

Other call recording services

If you don’t want to use an app, for example because you also regularly record from landline numbers, you can set up a separate service like RecordiaPro The recorder.

Both offer pay-as-you-go packages based on how long you plan to record, and both allow you to dial a number, either before a call or during it, to add a recording participant to your calls. When you’re done, log into the respective online services to access your recordings, with the option to request the transcript if you wish.

External methods

If you’re not impressed with software methods, now’s the time to turn to something clunkier, but possibly more reliable: separate hardware.

If you are not worried about the quality, you can put your phone on the speaker and then turn on another device to record it. You can probably do this already, assuming you own more devices than just your iPhone. However, a quiet space is a must to set this up, unless you want external noise to cover your conversation on playback.

(Image credit: Olympus)

If you don’t mind spending a little more, you could invest in an ear microphone, like the Olympus TP8 Phone Pickup Microphone which I personally use. It plugs into the microphone port of your computer or a dictaphone, and allows you to hold the phone to your ear normally while recording everything you and others say.

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Now that you know how to record phone calls on an iPhone, check out how this hidden feature will change the way you use your iPhone or how to use Hide My Email in iOS 15. And if you’re a frequent user of video calls, take a look at how to stand out. and look your best on video calls.

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