Wednesday, October 5

Hisuian Voltorb arrives at Pokémon Go after the Power Plant Team Rocket event

After the Power Plant event where Team Rocket suddenly appeared in Pokémon Go, a surprise visitor now appears in the Pokémon Go Special Research. Hisuian Voltorb, which made its debut in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and can be started by all players with the Voltorb from the Hisui region special research tasks.

Players can start catching Hisuian Voltorb after the Power Plant Team Rocket invasion event ends in their local areas on January 30 at 10. When this happens, all players receive a research task called Voltorb from the region. from Hisui, where they can complete two research tasks, each rewarding Hisuain Voltorb encounter, and start spawning in the wild.

Pokémon Go developers Niantic are probably celebrating the release of the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Reviews of the game have been exceptionally positive and many fans are eager to delve into the mysterious Hisui region, a land that will eventually become the Sinnoh region. It is a unique game where players will explore the world, catch Pokémon and research them while building the first Pokédex from scratch.

All players will want to check their Daily Tasks to make sure they have the Hisui Region Voltorb Special Research available. If they do, they will need to work and complete both tasks to receive their Hisuian Voltorb encounters.

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