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Give me 10! Fan creates a “real” Spiritomb with the help of LED lights | LevelUp

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fans of Pokémon They continue to surprise the community every day with their personal projects that undoubtedly pay tribute to the saga. A good example of this is a talented pocket monster lover who managed to create a Spiritomb using LED lights and 3D printing that will leave you speechless.

Pokémon is one of the most important franchises in entertainment in general and, over several years, has introduced us to 8 generations of unique creatures that we have all loved.

The taste for Pokémon has been so great that many people have wanted them to be real; and although that is quite complicated, a fan decided to get as close as possible and created a Spiritomb that will surprise everyone.

Here you can see how he did it:

As you can see, the Pokémon looks impressive and is the work of the BigRig channel on YouTube, where they used fans with LED technology on their blades to flash specific colors very quickly and achieve a holographic image.

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In addition to this, the base and the purple crack that runs through his face were 3D printed and sanded, all to achieve a faithful representation of what was seen in the video games.

What do you think of the work done by the channel? What other Pokémon would you like to see using this technology? Tell us in the comments.

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