Sunday, September 25

Cotton Fantasy, ready in spring • Console and Dashboard

ININ Games and SUCCESS Corporation finalize the launch plans for Cotton Fantasy in the West. We are facing a fantasy adventure, where intense shooting is not lacking.


The idea is that Cotton Fantasy be ready this spring, both in its digital and physical versions. The launch platforms would be PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

It is defined as a new entry to the series Cotton. Something sinister is happening in Fairyland: the willows are disappearing. It will be our responsibility to find a solution, under the queen’s orders. The first thing we need to know is who could be behind such an event.

Throughout the adventure, we will destroy the enemies, following a new shooting mechanic. We will have six iconic characters available, with their attacks and mechanics. In their 16 etapas, we will practice the vertical and horizontal advance in three dimensions. It will have HD graphics and a shoot ’em up essence suitable for beginners, but with enough depth to continue to attract experts.

To the sound of an “exciting soundtrack”, composed of remastered tracks from previous titles, we will learn a happy story with its funny scenes (Spanish subtitles included). The announcement is accompanied by a new trailer, where we see the playable characters and a review of their characteristics.

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