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Auronplay, Rubius and other streamers prepare collective complaint against hacker from Andorra | LevelUp

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Last week the first edition of Squidcraft Games began, a massive event where 150 Spanish-speaking streamers competed for a prize of $100,000 USD in a recreation of The Squid Game. The tournament, which ended in an emotional victory for OllieGamerZ, was a huge success, setting viewership records on Twitch. However, the controversy was present.

As we told you, Andorra Telecom, the only internet provider in the Principality of Andorra, was the victim of a DDoS attack last Friday, January 21. This event left ElRubius, TheGrefg, Auronplay and other Andorran streamers participating in the event offline.

Unfortunately, the DDoS attacks did not stop in the days that followed, so the affected content creators made the difficult decision to leave the competition. Amidst the controversy, Rubius and Auronplay offered up to $10,000 USD to whoever found the hacker’s identity.

“We are going to go all out”, streamers prepare complaint against hacker

Days after the Minecraft contest concluded, streamers who lost internet in the wake of the DDoS attacks provided additional information on what happened and what action they will take.

Among the most vocal content creators on this topic we find Auronplay, who confirmed that they will file a complaint against the person behind the disconnections.

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“What we will do is go to the police and file a collective complaint. Even the same telephone company is also going to denounce. Right now I guess they’re laughing at home. By grace or unfortunately, you are messing with people who have the financial resources to take this to the end, ”commented the Spanish streamer in a live broadcast.

The former YouTuber affirms that they already know the identity and motives of the hacker who attacked Andorra’s internet services.

“I respectfully tell you that one day you will repent, and it is not a threat, it is a threat to the law. When a judge sentences you, then you will cry. That day will come. We know where the attack comes from, we know who encouraged it, I even have the Fortnite clan to which the person belongs. We have a lot of data (…) You will get a little letter, friend ”, concluded Auronplay.

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