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Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Game Review | LevelUp

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Uncharted is a truly iconic saga for PlayStation. Not only is it a series with which Naughty Dog reached the next level, but it is a bestseller and is about to make the leap to the world of cinema.

Considering that Naughty Dog is busy on multiple projects and that none of them seem to be a new Uncharted, PlayStation Productions had to do something to bring bounty hunting adventures to their brand new next-gen console. Especially with the Tom Holland movie premiere just around the corner.

This is how he was born Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection , a collection that compiles the 2 original installments of the series for PlayStation 4 ―Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Y Uncharted: The Lost Legacy― and tweaks them to harness the power of the PlayStation 5. The question here is, does the work done make them a treasure or is this a heist that would make Henry Avery’s pirates blush?

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renewed adventures

The only fair way to start with the good is by emphasizing that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Y The Lost Legacy They are really good games. Both are thrilling, cinematic-focused titles that fill you with adrenaline with epic sequences in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the gaming world. All this while enjoying very well designed levels that are accompanied by simple, but memorable puzzles.

We could say many things about these 2 games, but that would take us a long time and we already did it years ago. In this content we are going to focus on the Legacy of Thieves Collectionbut if you want to know more about Uncharted 4 The The Lost Legacy, we review you give you a dive into our site or channel to see our reviews of the originals.

What players will most appreciate about Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is that it offers 3 visual modes. The former lets you play in 4K at a rate of 30 frames per second. The second is the balanced one and our favorite as it allows you to play at 60fps with 1440p resolution upscaled to 4K. Finally, there is the option to enjoy them at 120 fps and 1080p.

While the increase in resolution is welcome, where the collection really shines is in the high framerates. Going to 60 or 120 frames per second allows these deliveries of Uncharted finally have the fluidity that Naughty Dog’s action-packed adventures deserve and need.

The collection also includes other subtle changes that show that a cat’s hand was put into it. Elements such as shadows, texture details and reflections in the water look more refined, giving us the most visually attractive version of these installments.

Uncharted pampers with really beautiful landscapes

Of course, there is life beyond the graphics. The example we have is that something truly impressive about the collection is its loading times, and that is that they were considerably reduced!

We are going to use The Twelve Towers, one of the most emblematic levels of Uncharted 4, as an example. While in the original version running on PlayStation 4 this level takes 53.03 seconds to load, in the Legacy of Thieves Collection the level appears in 2.65 seconds. The improvement is gigantic!

Now, the difference between loading times was to be expected. After all, the old hard drive of a PlayStation 4 can do little to compete against the brand new solid storage of a PlayStation 5. How do things look if we run the Uncharted 4 original on the new console? Using the same level as a reference, loading times were also significantly reduced. While the level loaded in moments on the Legacy of Thieves Collection, it took 27.65 seconds to Uncharted 4 in backward compatibility mode installed on the SSD. Half that on PlayStation 4, but 25 seconds longer than the remastered version.

“Although the work they did is fantastic, it’s still a very simple remaster”

Although the work they did is fantastic, it is still a very simple remaster. Apart from the increase in resolution and frame rate per second, the difference between the two versions will only be truly appreciated by those who pay attention to detail. In the end, these kinds of visual enhancements are like jumping from one PC graphics setup to another, not a jaw-dropping remaster.

This is something that was to be expected because it has been a short time since these adventures of Uncharted and the project sought to be a retouch, not a total reinvention of its visual section. However, we are sure that many would have wanted a more sophisticated work.

What does hurt is that they completely removed the multiplayer from Uncharted 4 from Legacy of Thieves Collection. So you can forget about testing games against other players or fighting hordes of enemies in Survival mode. Sure, Sony has their reasons for leaving it out, but with this they’re delivering a product that feels incomplete.

Anyone who wants to play the multiplayer of Uncharted 4 you will be forced to get the game and have it installed on your PS5. ¡Legacy of Thieves Collection should have avoided this scenario as it was truly the definitive edition of this Naughty Dog opus!

Uncharted has never looked better, but is it enough?
Uncharted has never looked better, but is it enough?

Although there are several points why Uncharted is magnificent, the reality is that they are also far from being the definitive adventure of video games. They have some problems like their artificial intelligence is ridiculously bad and the improvements that Naughty Dog made in The Last of Us: Part II they just make it more obvious. Added to this are uninteresting enemies that feel more like bullet sponges than formidable opponents.

Like other Naughty Dog projects, Uncharted 4 Y The Lost Legacy they are extremely polished cinematic cut experiences. This brings many benefits, but also problems such as that they can be perceived as stiff and not very innovative games. Again, it’s not necessarily bad, but it will also seem unsurprising to some players.

If you go back to the original PlayStation 4 adventures after trying it you will notice the huge difference.

Although we liked it for the most part and also have some complaints that we have already expressed, there are some things that we believe that, without being bad, could have been better. The clearest example is in the way it integrates the unique features of the DualSense. We’ve been on the PlayStation 5 for a year now, and it seems like most developers still haven’t figured out the best way to explore the new immersion possibilities this next-gen controller offers.

In Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection the implementation of the DualSense helps immersion thanks to haptic vibration. The controller’s motors activate to make you feel the wall you’re climbing crumbling or the rate of fire of each weapon. There are even moments where the controller vibrates to give you the feeling that you have your character’s beating heart in your hands. If you go back to the original PlayStation 4 adventures after trying it you will notice the huge difference.

So far so good, but the problem is when we talk about the triggers. It’s not that its implementation is bad, but it’s the same kind of goofy resistance when shooting or braking that we’ve already seen in a lot of games. Although we liked it, it is a feature that will disappoint some because it is simple and adds little to the new generation immersion that the DualSense promises.

Something similar can be said for 3D audio. You feel a difference between generations and you will be more immersed by being able to better locate where the shots are coming from as long as you have a good pair of headphones. However, the original installments already had some of that, so the differences are insufficient to truly amaze you.

One tiny detail that made us incredibly happy is that moving your save data from Uncharted 4 The Uncharted: Lost Legacy to Legacy of Thieves Collection it’s not a headache. We know that it had already been like this with games like Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, but it’s good to see Sony didn’t stumble on this again.

It already seems a bit far away, but at the beginning of the life of the PlayStation 5 it was cumbersome to use our previous generation games in games with a next-gen version. It was necessary to install the old game, start it, upload our game and then download it to the original version. That already seems to be a thing of the past and in the Legacy of Thieves Collection you will be able to use your previous games in a matter of seconds. If you have the data on the same console you just have to use the transfer option. If not, you can migrate them to your PlayStation 5 with the cloud if you have PlayStation Plus or with a USB. Fast and easy.

An iconic sequence
An iconic sequence

A trip to be lived?

But then,Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is it a good package you should have? The answer is complicated.

On the one hand, we have to admit that a good job was done. Uncharted 4 Y The Lost Legacy they look better than ever. Playing them at a rate of 60 frames per second is a delight and, although it is basic, the DualSense helps immersion. On the other hand, these details may be insufficient to justify another round the world of Uncharted. Not to mention the fact that this is a paid product and not a free upgrade. That said, it is undeniable that this is the best version of 2 great jewels in the Naughty Dog catalog.

Now, if you have never played these 2 games, this is the version you should get. It is superior to the PlayStation 4 installments in every aspect. For their part, veterans of the series will have to think about how badly they want to put another spin on these games.

A good collection that could offer more
A good collection that could offer more

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