Tuesday, October 4

Two Point Campus will arrive in May • Console and Dashboard

Two Point Campus, a proposal that we met last year, already has a launch date. Two Point Studios Limited and SEGA confirm what it will look like on May 17 when it launches on PC and consoles.


The announcement of the date is accompanied by a new trailer. It serves as a preview of everything that will arrive in the month of May, although it is expected that more videos will follow as launch day approaches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

As those responsible remind us, we will build the campus of our dreams, with the ability to fill students with life. We will have to bet on the best of education, of course, but we must not forget about the fun extracurricular activities. After all, the happier students are, the better grades they will get.

And what are good grades for? Clear answer: for increase the prestige of the campus, with the students who enroll. It will be the way to earn a good pinch of money. Among the available courses, there are Gastronomy or Robotics.

All this content will be in the form of an “accessible and deep” management simulator. We will design each room and path from scratch to create our own “educational masterpiece”. Those who already have Two Point Hospital and pre-order the new game will get a free item pack for the first one.

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