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They say that Hideo Kojima is preparing a game for PlayStation VR2 | LevelUp

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Hideo Kojima confirmed a long time ago that he is working on 2 projects and that one of them is an AAA. He also revealed that the second project, which appears to be smaller in scale, will be challenging.

Although the creative has published some clues about his next games, his secrecy has prevented us from knowing exactly what he is working on. New reports assure that the head of Kojima Productions is preparing something related to virtual reality.

The project is said to be developed for PlayStation VR2, the new device that Sony announced at CES 2022 and is expected to launch later this year.

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Is Kojima preparing a game for PlayStation VR2?

Rumors and theories about Kojima’s next games have not stopped emerging. An insider, known to have leaked information about the upcoming Bioshock, now shared alleged details about the Japanese developer’s plans.

According to the details, Kojima is preparing a virtual reality game for PlayStation VR2. It is said that it will be a collaboration with Celine Tricarttech-savvy creative who has directed award-winning productions like The Sun Ladies, Lapse of Time Y The Key. Some fans have recently noticed Kojima following Tricart on social media, though this doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

The insider adds that it would be the second and smallest project of Kojima, who supposedly received a PlayStation VR2 prototype since November 2021. The information has not been confirmed, so for now it is a rumor.

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Despite this, it is worth remembering that Kojima previously showed an interest in virtual reality, but his goal was to wait for the application of the technology in video games to improve. We will have to wait to find out more about it.

“Kojima Productions landed PS VR2 prototypes in November 2021. According to unconfirmed information I have, the studio’s next smaller project could be a VR game/experience in collaboration with award-winning VR expert and storyteller Celine Tricart” commented the insider.

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