Tuesday, October 4

Street Fighter 5 moves wonderfully on Steam Deck in a new video

It is becoming increasingly clear that Steam Deck is going to revolutionize, in a certain way, how we conceive certain video games. Nintendo Switch has been a precursor to this and allows us to enjoy works that a priori only, in the past, we could play hooked to a television. And the Steam Deck is here to take that portability feature of great works to another level. In a recent video published by the user INFILTRATION, a regular in the world of fighting, Street Fighter V It looks great wasting its pure arcade at the controls of the Valve laptop.

A tortazos con la Steam Deck

That fifth numbered installment of Street Fighter will go down in history thanks to the impact it has had on this sector of fighting games, for being one of the main players in competitive tournaments and for deliver extremely polished and fluid gameplay, with classic characters evolved like never before. INFILTRATION wants to illustrate how well Capcom’s game moves on the laptop and make it clear that the controls and gameplay remain as fresh as when we play with a controller or with the special pad for fighting titles. In a reduced size this last one, yes (and more after seeing those used by professionals in tournaments of Dragon Ball FighterZ, for example), but just as functional.

Clearly nothing of the other world is shown beyond a couple of fights either, and it remains to be seen how will be the general operation of the work itself. But for now the result is more than correct. Street Fighter V It goes straight to the list of mandatory games that we have to try on the Steam Deck, if you have been lucky enough to be able to buy one in that first batch that you flew, literally. The console will be available starting next February 25.

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