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Sea of ​​Thieves: The main novelties of 2022 with new adventures and mysteries

Sea of Thieves It is one of those endless games that over time have become the perfect meeting point for many players. We all love the pirate theme, and when they let us become one, explore the seven seas, discover mythical sea creatures and rub elbows with Jack Sparrow himself, the thing is, it’s time to take his hat off. Although many are waiting like water from May to Elden Ring or are burning your Nintendo Switch with Pokmon Arceus, others just want to know what will be new for this year in Sea of Thieves (or all at once if you hit everything).

During a presentation event that took place last Friday, January 28, it was revealed what would be some of the main novelties and additions to the multiplayer of Xbox and PC. Mike Chapman, creative director of the project, explained how the evolution of Sea of Thieves in the next 12 months.

There is everything!

One of the main novelties that has particularly caught our attention has been the narrative events called ‘Adventures’. Like other multiplayer looking to try to immerse players a little deeper into the lore being built behind the scenes, Sea of Thieves add new kinematics events. Each ‘Adventure’ will be a chapter and the story will unfold depending on the acts performed by the players themselves. In other words, here the users are linked to the internal narrative of the work. The actions of the community will be vital for the development of the plot.

In addition, there will also be a new way of telling stories in Sea of Thieves: the ‘mysteries’. They are a combination of side quests from the game with elements of an ARG. Both inside and outside the game, users must solve a series of mysteries. As each player progresses, they will be given new clues to continue. They are temporary!

Of course, the seasons will have their share of novelties of course, but in general they are not as attractive as the previous ones that we have mentioned, because they pass a cut, let’s say, more standard. there will be a Season progression reset, new loot pass, new tools and systems… Here it is something, as we were saying, more general.

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