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This year marks the 35th anniversary of Ys, Falcom’s popular RPG franchise. After the release of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, many fans hope that the company has a surprise prepared to celebrate the more than 3 decades of the saga.

If you are a fan of Adol Christin and his adventures, we have both good and bad news for you. You’ll be glad to know that Falcom is already working on a new installment in the saga; however, it will not be part of the anniversary celebrations for good reason.

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The new Ys It will still take time to arrive, but it will renew the formula of the saga

During an interview with Weibo (via GamingBolt), Toshihiro Kondo, president of Falcom, reaffirmed that they are already working on the next installment of Ys. Although the news excites the fans, there is something that could disappoint them, because the wait will still be long.

The manager confirmed that the title still stands, but that there is no way it will debut this year. Thus, it will not be a launch to celebrate the 35 years of the franchise in a big way. However, this is for a good reason.

Kondo excited the players, as he stated that the next game will be something completely different. He acknowledged that since Ys Seven have maintained a similar model that reached Ys IX, but that this will not happen in the next installment.

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“We can say that we are already working on a new game of Ys, but it is impossible for it to come out in 2022. There will be new ideas in the new Ys. In fact, from Ys Seven until Ys IX, these titles have maintained a similar system, but the new installment will be completely different, “said the manager.

So, fans of Adol Christin will have to be patient and wait for news about a possible launch for 2023. On the other hand, some kind of launch or re-release for the anniversary is not entirely ruled out.

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