Saturday, May 28

Microsoft will cancel Xbox Game Pass subscriptions of inactive users

Surely you have ever paid for a service to which you were subscribed but that you did not use and had abandoned, because you forgot to eliminate the automatic renewal. It is a real pity because that cannot be claimed, and the service we are paying for is not taken advantage of because we are inactive in it. Xbox Game Pass it’s one of those services that automatically charges players if they don’t withdraw that self-generated renewal. This, in the UK, has led to the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) to carry out an investigation in which points were observed such as how easy it is for users to disable that automatic renewal that comes as standard and if it is possible to continue paying involuntarily for very old subscriptions.

All this has concluded in Microsoft will make certain changes to its service so that inactive users do not continue paying. The company has promised to make a series of adjustments, quite extensive, it must be said, so that players who are no longer using Xbox Game Pass do not have to continue paying for the service, because they are not using it.

Important changes ahead

Among the changes that will be incorporated, we will have better initial information, refunds, better information about price increases and more direct communication with members who are not active. These will be reminded that they are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and what process they must follow to no longer be subscribed. Microsoft will end up canceling the subscription to no longer accept payments.

“Players must be given clear and timely information to make informed decisions when signing up for auto-renewing memberships and subscriptions,” said Michael Grenfell of the CMA.

So you know, from now on you probably you will receive some other mail from Microsoft if you are using any of its services and you are not using it.

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