Saturday, October 1

Lost Ark January update lists big changes based on beta feedback just before release

Lost Ark’s western release date is fast approaching: the free-to-play MMO hits PC on February 11. Just before launch, the Smilegate team has detailed some updates to the game based on player feedback from the closed beta.

The January Team Update explains what’s new and changes to the game when it arrives. The closed beta limited players to exploring the Rohendel region, but the full game will open up the subterranean region of Yorn, poisonous Feiton, and tropical Punika. The four regions are full of quests to complete and dungeons to explore. Tier 3 loot will also be available at launch, along with an increased level cap of 60. “Additional tier 3 content will be added after launch” to give players more room to progress.

The full game will also include some changes based on responses to the beta. First off, the original Korean voiceovers will be available, which is frankly a respectful move. Some early scenes will be skippable, even if you’re seeing them for the first time. Unsurprisingly, there are also a lot of balance tweaks to the game’s pacing and challenge level. Smilegate says that a full list of patch notes will be released closer to launch.

If you’re interested in Lost Ark, the game’s intro video is a great way for Westerners to find out about everything the MMO has to offer – there’s a lot going on here. Then you can take a look at the list of the best support and DPS classes to help you choose which role is best for you.

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