Friday, September 30

Introduced Frederica, a character from Triangle Strategy • Console and Board

Triangle Strategy continues to present characters so that the wait until its launch becomes shorter. This time, Frederica’s turn has come, with her magic.


Frederica of Frostforge is the princess of Frostforge. As Serinoa’s fiancée and wielder of devastating fire magic, her ideas are soon challenged. Luckily, she firmly believes in them, with nothing to stop her. As she herself says, the future never turns out the way you think.

The March 4, Triangle Strategy It will be released on Nintendo Switch, as a tactical role-playing game with turn-based combat. Three nations clash for control of salt and iron, testing the player’s difficult decision-making and own sense of justice.

Through careful two-dimensional graphics, we will put ourselves in the shoes of Serinoa, heir to the Wolffort house. We will lead a group of warriors, whether promoting profit, morale or freedom.

When faced with a dilemma, several characters will vote on the scale of conviction, which is why it is essential to have the best allies. It was a few weeks ago when we met Roland of Glaucoburg, another of the characters in the adventure. It bears the Square Enix stamp.

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