Tuesday, October 4

Fatal accident on the road of a young boxing promise

HHe had just turned 21 on January 10. Ariel Camargo he was Argentine and in that country he had first convinced the connoisseurs and then his parents that I was going for boxing figure, so much so that they decided to contact the former coach of Maravilla Martínez, his compatriot residing in our country Gabriel Sarmiento, to direct the career of his son.

Camargo, left-handed, 1.84 m, 66 kilos, wiry, strong, willful, traveled a few months ago with his parents to Spain to develop a brilliant future as a boxer. In Argentina he had played one hundred combats as an amateur, almost full of triumphs, and in his professional debut and only fight to date, the referee had also raised his arm.

He settled with his family in Denia (Alicante) and since then Gabi Sarmiento got down to work to design a champion as his actions in the ring indicated.

Very obedient and eager to work, he quickly moved to Elche to be close to the GBS Box gym and maximize his enthusiasm for boxing. “Split the sacks, go out of your way in training”, tells us his coach, “He was a fantastic person, I haven’t stopped crying in three days“confesses Gabi Sarmiento, best world coach in 2010.

Ariel got up very early last Tuesday as always to ride his bicycle the seven kilometers to the gym where he did physical training in the mornings in the Elche district of Torrellano, home of world champion Kiko Martínez.

But at a crossroads near the destination, unfortunately final in this case, a car collided with the boxer, who received the eternal KO after hitting the head with the windshield.

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The late Argentine boxer

It was 7:30 in the morning and a black curtain blinded the glory and the world belts, the permanent theme in the dreams of the kid from Mendoza. Sad news, an unexpected knockout that has brought down his family and those close to Camargo in Argentine and Spanish boxing.

Ten tolls of the bell to pay homage to this now wandering star, but to be warmly welcomed among the heavenly sixteen strings by boxing greats of all time waiting for you. Rest in peace, champion.

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