Friday, September 30

Evil Dead: The Game starts the year badly and is delayed until May

Evil Dead: The Game It is one of the few current video games that go a little against the current. We are going through a moment in which it is the games that are being adapted to movies and series. Probably due to the success of many sagas and that, also, the mainstream audiovisual is starting to run out of ideas, stretching to the maximum of reboots, sequels and remakes. And, of course, it is easier to make adaptations of works that already have a huge audience behind them and that are already “created” as far as visual aspect is concerned.

Ash vs Evil Dead was a three-season series that focused on the life of Bruce Campbell’s character first seen on the Evil Dead from Sam Raimi. Such was its success and its good reception among horror lovers, and seeing that titles like Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th (in its day) have managed to have a large retinue of players, Evil Dead: The Game did not catch us by surprise . It even made us want to venture into this multiplayer to get our boots shotgun in hand. However, Saber Interactive’s game now is delayed until May 13 of this year.

Everything to improve the experience

“When we set out to create an entirely new game worthy of the Evil Dead franchise, we knew it had to be awesome as hell. In order to deliver the best experience possible, Evil Dead: The Game is coming now on May 13, 2022.” “.

There are not a few titles, in these last two years, that have been delayed to offer the best possible experience to its players, to finish polishing itself and arrive in the most optimal conditions. It seems like a long time, but in no time we planted ourselves in summer with this game in our hands.

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