Friday, September 30

Elden Ring shows a new gameplay in the ‘Mourne Castle’ with a lot of stealth and action

Do you remember that time when we were desperate to know something about Elden Ring? A thousand and one silences since its teaser was published at E3 2019. Without knowing when it would arrive, without knowing what it would be like, without being able to see a hint of its playable section… Now well into 2022, at the gates of its launch ready for next February 25, we have even been able to play a closed beta. After that Hidetaka Miyazaki, its creator and responsible for other incredible works well known by players such as Dark Souls The Bloodborne, affirm that Elden Ring be a more accessible video game, and therefore more people will enjoy it, now we can take a look at a new gameplay (from Game Informer) at Morne Castle.

Stealth, action and exploration

On this occasion we are not stressed in showing the extensive and incomprehensible world of Elden Ring. Here the action is more direct to the point leading the player to a specific location. In that Morne Castle, in the middle of a battle between beasts, the player has two options. One is to go straight to battle, to seek a confrontation with the rest of the beings that roam the area and thus prove their worth. The other is simpler and you try to exploit it to see how far Elden Ring will go, which is stealth. the player in question crouches low among Miyazaki’s monsters to go passing areas. He even jumps on top of enemies and jumps past them to survive as long as possible.

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At this point, it is not that we are caught off guard, because as we were saying, the title has even been played and we have seen a lot of material in recent months, but it is still funny (not in a bad way) to see how the formula of Dark Souls has been polished over time until it reaches Elden Ring, where elements are borrowed from up to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and to some extent even Bloodborne, although not so directly. A level purely like Dungeons and Dragons to open your mouth for its launch, which as we call you on February 25. Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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