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Blizzard’s new survival video game has been in development for more than four years

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard for a whopping $70 million caught everyone off guard. After the company acquired Bethesda, no one expected this move through the Xbox house. And Blizzard, immediately afterwards, did not take long to announce that it was working on a new survival video game that “would have a great impact on the industry”, according to Geoffrey Virtue (executive producer of TFT). To tell the truth we don’t even have a title for the play, but it goes PC Gamer it has been known that the work has been more than four years in development.

According to LinkedIn’s Craig Amai, who currently leads this mysterious project, began to get behind the controls of the game in July 2017. That is, four years and seven months ago. And although we have had the first official information about it very recently, about its existence and the subject it would cover, the truth is that it even seems that it has already been tested for quite a few hours, because the same Mike Ybarra, head of Blizzard, confirmed a few days ago that he had given him a few hours.

Blizzard expands

“I’ve played many hours of this project with the team and I’m incredibly excited about the team’s vision and the new world it presents for players to dive into together.”

So, although at first it seems that the project is in a primitive state, in reality is much more than just a set of ideas on the table, because at least it has a face and eyes. Even if it’s a very basic version without properly exploiting all its features, it’s already something. Blizzard claimed that the game is in an early stage, and it still has no title, as we said, and we have not been able to see images of it, beyond those arts. We may still be years away from its release, but at least now we have a bit more context. The game should arrive for consoles and PC (no confirmed platforms).

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