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Another scam? Minecraft-based NFT game disappears for days with $1 million | LevelUp

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Games with NFTs and a play-to-earn model are becoming more common. Some developers had the idea to follow this trend with Blockverse, game based on Minecraft which was very well received among non-fungible token and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The developers managed to sell 10,000 NFTs in exchange for 0.05 Ethereum each, which translates to roughly $124 USD. This feat was achieved in less than 8 minutes, so the future of their project seemed promising.

However, everything took a drastic turn when the game completely disappeared, with its servers, its Discord and more than $1 million that was generated from the initial sale of non-fungible tokens. The community lashed out at the developers and accused them of being scammers, so the creatives reappeared to defend themselves and explain what supposedly happened.

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Blockverse disappears with $1 million and returns amid suspicions

Those in charge of Blockverse they reappeared 3 days after the sudden disappearance and closure of the game. Through a statement, they apologized to the community and explained that their project is legitimate, but that they faced some difficulties.

They claim that once the first NFTs ran out, they started receiving complaints related to excessive fees to be paid to generate, buy, and sell non-fungible tokens. In addition, they were criticized for various aspects of the project.

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The situation got to such an extent that they were targets of harassment and threats, which reportedly led the development team to panic and shut down media outlets like their Discord channel.

“Everything else was shut down to prevent the harassment that had occurred so far from continuing. Even then, the plan was to reopen once everyone had time to calm down. There is absolutely no reason for us to leave permanently, as all the technical work and infrastructure for the project so far has already been put in place.”

As you can imagine, the disappearance of the project alerted its community, but it seems that in this case it was all a false alarm. Those in charge assured that they are already preparing everything related to the return of Blockverse, but said they were disappointed by the accusations against him that emerged shortly after his suspicious disappearance.

“We are disappointed that the community jumped on false accusations so quickly, but we still believe in our project and for everyone else to regain that faith, we are in discussions with professionals in the space about how we can proceed,” the developers added.

Community of Blockverse no longer trust devs and want control of the project

Part of the community believes that the developers really wanted to run away with the money and the entire project in their hands. Players believe that the creatives only reappeared since they were tracked, so now they would only be shielding themselves to avoid legal problems.

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The situation is more complicated than it seems, as there is a conflict between the leaders of the game community and the creators. The former want to take control, on the condition that some creatives leave the project. In order to negotiate, they are willing to give them a large part of the profits.

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