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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Chapter 13 Treasure Locations

Chapter 13 of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End takes us to the island, and our hero Nathan Drake is shipwrecked. Although life is terrible for him and his brother, there are still five treasures to find in this chapter.

Treasure #1

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After the first section of the chapter, it’s now dry instead of pouring with rain. After contacting Sam, take the path to the right and keep going down. You know you are in the right place when you see the waterfall directly in front of you and the scratches in the stone. The treasure is found in a small crack next to some moss.

Treasure #2

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When Drake ties his rope to the wooden support and goes down to where the waterfall is, go to the left side and tie the protagonist to a cliff. Now go down to the cave below the waterfall. Explore it until you find a jug, two cups and two bottles. The treasure will be located between them.

Treasure #3

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Shortly after finding a skeleton that says “No Quarter for Thieves”, you’ll find a rock slide near Treasure #2. Slide down and jump to the cliff on the right. Nathan will soon be drenched in a puddle of cave water. You’ll find the third treasure on the left on top of a box next to a steel cup and a rope.

Treasure #4

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After taking out a wave of enemies on the cliffs, the fourth treasure awaits in the next area. When you hear Nathan say, “Okay, where?” you know you’re close Climb up a cliff and take a note from a skeleton on the left side. Enter the cave on the left and follow the path to find a treasure at the end of the path. Make sure you’ve collected this before you climb because it won’t be available to access later.

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Treasure #5

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The last treasure is inside a wrecked house. Drake tells his reunited brother Sam that “there’s no one home.” Go left from the entrance and sneak down. I push a box over Nathan. Since Sam wants to go left after this encounter, you’ll want to go right. Drop down the path to find a wooden basket and a stool. Go right from there and go under the wooden floorboards. Here you will find the last treasure.

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