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The Cord Cutter’s Guide to Super Bowl 2022

It’s almost time for Super Bowl 2022, even if you cut the cord and get rid of the cord. And since we’ve spent the past year testing all the best cable TV alternatives, we’ve got the info you need on all the top options for how to stream the big game without cable.

So while we don’t know who’s playing on the NFL’s biggest live stream, though favorites Green Bay and Kansas City could easily compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, we don’t need to wait until the playoffs are over to see how you’ll see them take on the AFC and NFC champions.

This is because it has already been announced that the game will be on the NBC broadcast network, and we know that everywhere you can find NBC. And no matter where you watch NBC, you’re likely to see any Super Bowl ad that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s photo of Zeus is linked to.

This weekend features the conference round matchups between the last four teams in the NFL playoffs. Here’s when each game airs and when you can watch them:

  • Bengals vs Chiefs live stream: Sunday (Jan 30) at 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm GMT
  • 49ers vs Rams live stream: Sunday (Jan 30) at 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT / 11:30pm GMT

Super Bowl 2022 live streams in the US may be free

In the US, Super Bowl 2022 will be widely available to those without cable. We mainly recommend fuboTV Y sling tv Blue, two of the best cable TV alternatives. Both of them have free trials for new subscribers, so if you started your new fubo or sling membership in the morning, you’d be free.

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One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Sling subscribers (and prospective ones too) should check to see if their region has an NBC affiliate. As I found out while trying to watch an episode of SNL live, not all areas will have NBC on Sling. If you’re in a major market, you should be more than fine.

Of course, NBC is also available on DirecTV Stream and Hulu with Live TV, which are good, but not as competitive on price. There is also YouTube TV, a more than solid option.

We recommend Sling and fuboTV for the two basic types of cord cutters. Sling is there for the value-focused crowd, as its $35 per month fee is the lowest of any service including NBC, where the 2022 Super Bowl is airing.

Fubo is one of the best streaming services because of its network package focused on international sports and one key special feature: Multiview. With fubo Multiview, you can split your screen between multiple channels and select which one you want to hear the audio from. The fubo app on Apple TV 4K can now add a live scoreboard and stats board to your view.

The even cheaper option will be Peacock Premium at $4.99 per month, the proper level of Peacock for Super Bowl 2022.

If recording gameplay and other perks are no big deal, and And If you have a local NBC affiliate that will broadcast the 2022 Super Bowl (and most should), you have another option. With one of our top TV antenna picks, you can get Super Bowl 2022 out of the sky.

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Be sure to check out the best Super Bowl TV deals in case you want to upgrade your TV before the big game.

How to stream Super Bowl 2022 from anywhere

NFL Broadcast Tip:

If you’re away from home and don’t have NBC or Peacock available, you can still watch Super Bowl 2022. Using the best vpn makes it look like you’re surfing the web from your hometown, so you can access the same streaming services you already pay for.

That’s how easy it is to stream NFL from anywhere in the world:

1. Get a VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN as the best there is)
2. Connect to the location you want to stream from
3. Use your regular streaming service and watch as usual

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