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Several US states support Epic Games in its lawsuit against Apple | LevelUp

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In 2020 Apple and Epic Games gave a lot to talk about after one of the largest lawsuits in the industry related to technology and video games took place and was taken to legal action. As we have informed you, the judge in charge of this case has already announced her resolution, but all this is far from over and today the support that more than 30 US states are on the side of Epic Games and that they have just file a lawsuit against Apple for the alleged monopoly it has created on mobile devices.

The first resolution of the judge in charge of the case Epic Games v. Apple Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers went public in September last year. In large part, it favored Apple, as it dismissed Epic Games’ accusations that Apple had a monopoly, and rejected the need to open the door to external stores, apart from not forcing Apple to lower its fees. As expected, as in other legal cases, the parties would not be happy, but would appeal, and that is precisely what Epic Games did, since its founder, Tim Sweeney, considered that the sentence meant a defeat for his company, since it did not it represented a victory neither for developers nor for consumers.

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Epic Games receives the support of several US states

Well, lawyers representing 35 states of the United States of America end up getting involved in this case, which on the side of Epic Games would appeal the Court’s decision through an antitrust lawsuit that was filed last Thursday, January 27.

In accordance with Reuters, in the lawsuit it is mentioned that “Apple’s conduct has harmed and is harming mobile developers and millions of citizens”, because “it continues to monopolize the distribution of applications and payment solutions within applications for iPhones, suffocating the competition and amassing profits above the competition within the smartphone industry of almost 3 billion dollars a year.

Many are not happy with the supposed monopoly of Apple

That does not end there, Epic Games is not the only company that denounces the alleged monopolistic practices of Apple, because, in addition to the various US entities, on their side are 38 professors of law, economics and business, a group in favor of consumers , an organization of cybersocial freedoms and even Microsoft itself.

In addition, the United States Department of Justice intervened to point out that Judge Gonzalez-Rogers’ ruling was “wrong”, since two elements of the Sherman Act were not applied “in ways that would leave many anticompetitive practices and agreements out of bounds.” their protections,” according to information from Bloomberg.

“The District Court made several legal errors that could jeopardize the effective application of antitrust laws,” said the US Department of Justice.

The case, therefore, was lengthened, and it is expected that several months will pass before the judge’s new resolution. However, Apple is aware of what has just happened and in a statement (via Bloomberg), mentioned that he feels “optimistic” about the case and hopes that the sentence will be upheld on appeal and that “Epic’s challenge will fail”. “We remain committed to making sure the App Store is a safe and trusted store for consumers and a tremendous opportunity for developers,” said the Apple spokesperson.

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