Tuesday, October 4

Sea of ​​Thieves will shut down Arena mode in March

Rare announced on Thursday that it will shut down Sea of ​​Thieves’ competitive Arena mode on March 10. The company cited the mode’s low population as a key factor in deciding to shut it down. “As we’ve shared before, only 2% of our players’ time is spent in The Arena on a consistent basis,” the company said in a statement. blog post making the decision.

Rare also stated that despite ending active development on the mode in December 2020, updates to the rest of the game had negatively affected The Arena. The developer claimed that this resulted in the mode requiring a large amount of ongoing development just to keep it running, which ultimately turned out to be another factor in the decision to shut it down.

The company said that fans of The Arena who have reached at least Sea Dogs Rank 5 in competitive mode will receive exclusive, unreleased Arena ship cosmetics to use in Sea of ​​Thieves Adventure Mode after The Arena closes. . Those who have reached rank 50 in Sea Dogs will also receive The Good Boy ship cosmetics.

However, if you haven’t reached these ranks yet, you’re out of luck, as Rare stated that the cut-off point for being eligible to earn these cosmetics was Thursday, January 27, the same day the blog was posted. “[These rewards] They are to show our gratitude to everyone who has supported and enjoyed The Arena up to this point,” the company said.

The Arena’s closure was announced as part of the Sea of ​​Thieves 2022 preview event, which also offered a first look at the game’s Shrouded Islands event. The company also released a content roadmap for the year, which revealed that content from four seasons would be coming to the game throughout 2022.

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