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“I find it horrible”, Dross rages over a controversial YouTube gift | LevelUp

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Ángel David Revilla Lenoci, better known as Dross or DrossRotzank on the internet, is a popular Latin American youtuber and writer with a long career who gained a lot of popularity due to his interesting horror and mystery videos. However, he is also a personality that is characterized by speaking without mincing words on various topics whenever he has the opportunity. For this reason, he did not hesitate to reprimand YouTube for a controversial gift he received.

During a recent live broadcast, Dross explained that users who have a certain number of subscribers receive a gift each year from YouTube. He relates that once he received a piece of paper where it was possible to read some of his iconic phrases, while on another occasion he was given pajamas that he did not like.

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However, the content creator hinted that this year’s gift is the worst of all and did not hesitate to express his discontent. In addition, he launched a harsh criticism against the video platform.

Dross lashes out at YouTube and its gift

After recounting the moment he received the package, the Venezuelan youtuber explains that this year’s gift was nothing more and nothing less than an NFT, that is, a digital good based on blockchain technology that can be exchanged or sold for a lot of money. .

Dross explains that it is tactless that YouTube decided to give away an NFT without taking into account the position of content creators on the subject. As we explained in a recent article, this technology brings a lot of polarization in the community; While there are those who believe that it is the future, others do not hesitate to classify it as a scam or a passing fad.

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The influencer and writer made it very clear that he does not support NFTs and even stated that they are an “ode to environmental pollution”. He also confessed that he planned to break the device where it is possible to see the NFT, but instead he states that he prefers to give it to a small youtuber.

“Sadly, there’s no one on YouTube that I can say, ‘Please don’t give me this. For this kind of thing, don’t waste my time; don’t make me excited about the arrival of a package thinking that it could be something that I enjoy, that means something to me or that I consider worthy of putting on a shelf to remember it fondly and see it every morning with coffee and cheer me up,'” he commented. Angel David Revilla.

Dross: YouTube doesn’t care about me at all

Ángel David Revilla Lenoci took advantage of the gift to attack the Google platform for the way it treats content creators. He explains that, within the company, there must be one or more people who should not make the decisions they do.

“With YouTube I am very found, very fought. Not only because of a series of anecdotes that, as a content creator, made me feel extremely miserable and made me feel that YouTube is not a healthy place (…) Even if they try to show you otherwise, the truth is that they don’t really care about you. the least, I do not matter in the least to YouTube, “said the Latin American youtuber.

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But tell us, what do you think of Dross’s statements? Let us read you in the comments.

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